Listen to THEY.’s assured new single ‘All Mine’

The latest preview of the duo's upcoming new project 'The Amanda Tape'

THEY. have shared their new single ‘All Mine’ — you can listen to the track below.

The LA-based duo, Dante Jones and Drew Love, are gearing up for the release of their new project ‘The Amanda Tape’ later this year.

Produced by Jones and featuring Love on vocals, ‘All Mine’, which you can hear below, has been described by the duo as “one of the bedroom jams of the album”.


“We both grew big fans of The-Dream and wanted to make something with that delivery and attitude he always brought,” the duo added. “A lot of us got those on-again/off-again type of relationships that always seem to come full circle. My ex told me that she was with a new dude and happy. I’m just like ok, we’ll see lol.“

‘The Amanda Tape’ is set for release via Avant Garden/Island Records later this year.

Last month, THEY. further previewed ‘The Amanda Tape’ by sharing their Tinashe collaboration ‘Play Fight’.

Tinashe released her most recent album in November with ‘Songs For You’.


In a review of the album, NME wrote: “Tinashe flips so aggressively between genres that the record becomes unfocused and sporadic. Of course there’s nothing wrong with Tinashe showing emotional duality, but in transitioning so sharply from R&B to rap to stadium pop to EDM, ‘Songs For You’ makes you feel a little dizzy.”

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