Tiffany Young on ‘Girls Planet 999’: “I’d been waiting for an opportunity like this”

“I really wanted to share my experiences and advice as a senior"

Tiffany Young and Sunmi have opened up about their upcoming appearance as mentors on the new reality TV show Girls Planet 999.

The two K-pop veterans were recently featured on 1st Look magazine’s special 10th anniversary edition, where they shared their thoughts on joining the forthcoming programme.

Girls Planet 999 will feature trainees from South Korea, China, and Japan competing to debut in a girl group. Tiffany and Sunmi have joined as “K-pop Masters”, who will act as mentors for the contestants.


“I didn’t hesitate before saying ‘Yes!’ right away. I’d been waiting for an opportunity like this,” said Young, as translated by Soompi. “I really wanted to share my experiences and advice as a senior with young kids who were eager to achieve their dreams.”

The singers also discussed how they hope their appearance will impact the contestants of Girls Planet 999. “If I could pick something I could emphasise to them, it would be character,” said Sunmi.

“Having a sense of gratitude, cultivating empathy with other people, and not being arrogant or proud are important things to keep in mind if you want to stay in this business for a long time,” she added.

Meanwhile, Young shared that she hoped to ease the pain and loneliness of the show’s contestants through their journey in the industry. “I know very well the sadness, despair, and fear that young girls go through when they grow up,” she revealed.

In a previous promotional video for Girls Planet 999, Sunmi talked about the beginnings of their career in the Wonder Girls, sharing her experience going to the United States to promote music when she was 18-years-old. Sunmi admitted that she “cried every night, all the time”, because everything felt “strange” to the singer at the time.

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