Trapt threaten to sue Facebook after band’s account gets deleted

The move was taken after the band repeatedly voiced support for the white supremacist group Proud Boys

American rock band Trapt have stated that Facebook will be “sued successfully” after the social media platform removed the band’s account for “violating community standards”.

Frontman Chris Taylor Brown has been a vocal Donald Trump supporter this year, with the band’s last post depicting the silhouette of a Proud Boy – complete with their signature Fred Perry logo, an association the clothing brand have strongly distanced themselves from – holding Lady Liberty, captioned: “Don’t Worry Girl, We Got You.”

Brown added the Proud Boys saying “PYOB (Proud of You, Boy)” to the post, referencing the violent neo-fascist organisation that Trump has publicly refused to condemn. Proud Boys have been designated by US intelligence officials as a “dangerous white supremacist group”.


It appears that the band’s endorsement of the far-right group has led to their removal from Facebook, with Brown claiming his personal Instagram account has also been deleted.

“For posting this pic … Facebook has completely deleted the TRAPT FB account,” Brown wrote on Trapt’s Twitter account. “They said don’t use the phrase ‘Proud Boys.’ I specifically told FB trapt fans that I could not say the name. I will be suing Facebook.”

The Twitter posts came after several people who had reported the band for “hate speech” shared screengrabs of a response from Facebook that read, “Thanks for taking the time to report something you feel may go against the Facebook Community Standards. We removed Trapt’s profile from Facebook.”


On Friday (November 20), Edward Norton offered his explanation for Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the US Presidential election, likening the outgoing Commander-in-Chief’s political tactics to a poker game.

“I do not think Trump is trying to ‘make his base happy’ or ‘laying the groundwork for his own network,’ or that ‘chaos is what he loves,’” Norton wrote.

“The core of it is that he knows he’s in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy and this defines his every action.”

Trapt’s twitter account quoted tweeted the thread, calling Norton “unhinged”.