Trapt’s Chris Taylor Brown dismisses false reports he’s been fired from band

He says fans have been "duped" by a fake social media page

Trapt‘s frontman Chris Taylor Brown has dismissed false reports that he’s been fired from the band over his ‘far-right views’.

It was widely reported earlier this week that the singer had parted ways with the nu-metal outfit after a statement was shared on a fake Parler profile, @TraptParler.

“We have officially parted ways with @CTBTrapt [Taylor Brown],” the message began. “Unfortunately, there were some view points that were said that we do not agree with and it was negatively impacting the rest of the band. We wish him well and hope he can find the help he needs.”

The statement went on to thank the band’s one “fan” for their support, adding: “To the ‘trolls’: We have heard you and are sorry we allowed this to go on for so long. We would like to start fresh and hope you can forgive us and take another chance at listening to our music in the future.”

Trapt. Credit: Getty Images.

An account posing as Taylor Brown then replied: “Wow… Are you kidding me?! What the fuck do the pussies think they are going to be able to accomplish without me? They are going to have to change their name. Good luck finding another singer as good as me! Stupid bitches!”

The singer has since shut down the false announcement on his real Parler account (@CTBTraptParler), confirming that news outlets reporting his departure had been “duped” by the prank.

“Again, this is the ONLY Parler account where you will hear about anything going on with Trapt…. If it wasn’t said here, it’s not real,” he added.

Chris Taylor Brown has also been a vocal Donald Trump supporter this year, with the band’s last post depicting the silhouette of a Proud Boy – complete with their signature Fred Perry logo, an association the clothing brand have strongly distanced themselves from – holding Lady Liberty, captioned: “Don’t Worry Girl, We Got You.”

The band’s endorsement of the far-right group led to their removal from Facebook, with Brown claiming his personal Instagram account has also been deleted

This comes after Trapt were banned from Twitter last week after they appeared to defend statutory rape in a series of controversial posts.