TRI.BE release colourful music video for brand-new single, ‘Rub-A-Dum’

Their sophomore single album ‘CONMIGO’ is out now

Rookie K-pop girl group TRI.BE have released a vibrant music video for ‘Rub-A-Dum’, the title track of their sophomore single album ‘CONMIGO’.

In the clip, the group are transported to a Middle Eastern-inspired world where they face off their evil clones. The septet later discover a mysterious spaceship that sends more clones to invade the city, leading to an epic dance-off between the real members and their copies.


Besides ‘Rub-A-Dum’, the single album ‘CONMIGO’ also features the songs ‘Loro’. Both tracks feature co-writing and -producing credits from Shinsadong Tiger and EXID’s LE, who produces under the moniker Elly.

TRI.BE had previously worked with LE on their song ‘Loco’, which appeared alongside their February debut single ‘Doom Doom Ta’. The multinational girl group – which consists of one Japanese, two Taiwanese and four Korean members – are also the first K-pop act to debut under Universal Music Korea, in partnership with TR Entertainment.

In a recent interview, TRI.BE’s Songsun opened up about her struggles to debut as a K-pop idol after nearly a decade of unsuccessful attempts. Originally a member of Banana Culture’s pre-debut group Newkid, Songsun said that “there were so many times I wanted to give up”.

“But in the end, there was always this feeling that this was all I wanted. So I held on,” Songsun added. She also said that she’s “just so happy” and “still can’t believe” that she has made her official debut.