Trivium to “take a break” after tour with “no plans for a new record”

The band will instead be building their studio

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has confirmed that the band will be taking a hiatus after their scheduled run of live shows.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist confirmed the upcoming break in a new interview, and recalled the reasons why the members are looking to put the metal band on pause after their upcoming tour dates.

“Normally we are always, we’re so open with everything — we show everything we do, we talk about everything — but the one thing we are always secretive about is the records,” he began, talking with EMP at the Summer Breeze Festival.


“But this time I can say that we’re just going on a proper break this time. Because we’ve done 10 albums of ‘album-tour, album-tour.'”

He continued: “This time, when this tour cycle ends, we’re gonna take a true break, and instead of working on music, we’re actually gonna work on building our Hangar studio, so that way when it comes time to make records, we can do that again. But there are currently no plans for a new record. And I’m not being deceitful there. There’s no plans right now.”

The hangar he refers to is Trivium’s current home base in Orlando, Florida. The members acquired it back in 2020 (via Loudwire), after purchasing an old aeroplane hangar with the intent of turning it into a home studio – equipped with a rehearsal area and performance space.

Elsewhere in the interview, Heafy also recited the mammoth number of live shows that Trivium have played since being on their current tour, which celebrates the release of their 2021 album ‘In The Court Of the Dragon’; making no surprise why the band are looking to pursue some downtime.

“We’ve been on this two-year-long world tour and we will hit 208 shows on this one record in three weeks, which is a lot,” he explained. “By the end of this year, I will have been in Trivium for 25 or 26 years…and it’s been great. I love it.”


It remains uncertain quite how long the band refer to when they say they will be taking “a true break”, but having released 10 albums and played countless shows over 18 years, there is no doubt that the rest is well earned.

Trivium are currently on the European leg of their extensive, two-year tour, and set to embark on their final run of UK dates. These include a stop in Cambridge on Wednesday (August 23), followed by shows in Norwich, Oxford, Liverpool and more. The final of the UK shows will take place at the O2 Guildhall venue in Southampton on September 7. Find remaining tickets here.

Trivium's Matt Heafy
Trivium’s Matt Heafy. Credit: Mark Horton/Getty Images

In other Matt Heafy news, it was reported last week that the musician had written and recorded a new song in support of the game Remnant 2, titled ‘Wielder Of The Plague’.

Back in June, he also made headlines jumping off the stage at a Trivium show in Texas, in a bid to prevent a crowd-surfing fan from falling.

In footage of the moment posted online, Heafy can be seen throwing his guitar to the ground and catching the fan right in the nick of time.

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