Listen to Troye Sivan’s new cinematic synth ballad ‘Angel Baby’

The singer says it's "his crack at an adoring, doting, love struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad"

Troye Sivan has released his latest single, ‘Angel Baby’.

The new track – Sivan’s first solo release this year – is a soaring, slow-burning ballad that sees Sivan crooning above a lush bed of cinematic synths.

“’Angel Baby’ is my crack at an adoring, doting, love struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad,” Sivan explained in an accompanying statement. “I thought we needed a few more of those.”


Listen to ‘Angel Baby’ below:

‘Angel Baby’ follows Sivan’s 2020 EP ‘In a Dream’, a six-track concept record. The EP featured singles ‘Easy’‘Rager Teenager!’ and ‘Take Yourself Home’ as well as an interlude version of the song ‘could cry just thinkin about you’, which was later released as a full-length version last month.

Back in April of this year, Sivan teamed up with Tate McRae and producer DJ Regard for the collaborative single ‘You’.

‘In a Dream’ was follow-up to Sivan’s 2018 album ‘Bloom’. In a five-star review of the albumNME said the Perth pop star “tears away all the filters to share a deliriously upbeat statement that washes over you like a dopamine rush”.

“Troye Sivan and other queer pop stars frequently find themselves lumped with common tags – ‘unapologetically out’ is one clumsy term that often gets thrown about. As much as it’s often a cliché, unapologetic – or rather, completely empowered – it is a mood that applies wholeheartedly to ‘Bloom’.


“Here, Sivan has created an album that does away with any apology; instead it sees him seize happiness with both hands.”

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