Trump’s spiritual advisor goes viral with Eminem-soundtracked clip

Paula White-Cain called on "angels" to help secure Trump's win over Biden

Footage of Donald Trump‘s spiritual advisor Paula White-Cain has gone viral after being soundtracked by Eminem – watch below.

Televangelist White-Cain led a bizarre prayer service yesterday (November 4) in a bid to secure a second term for the current POTUS, who is currently losing the election to his Democratic rival Joe Biden.

During the impassioned meeting, which was live-streamed on Facebook, White-Cain repeated that she could “hear a sound of victory” while calling on “angels” to help Trump over the line.


“Strike at those people who think they have outmanoeuvred you, God,” she said. “The Lord says it is done.”

White-Cain’s broadcast has since been chopped up into a short Twitter video soundtracked by Eminem’s 2002 hit single, ‘Without Me’. The head-bobbing cat meme has also been superimposed over the clip, moving to the beat of the song.

“This is the best thing this app ever has or ever will produce,” one viewer commented.

Another said: “This is both brilliant and abysmal in equal measure. Is it sad I laughed and cringed, but couldn’t stop watching?”

White-Cain delivered the same service when Trump was sworn in as the 45th US president in 2016, having first prayed with him when he hosted The Apprentice.


Biden is currently ahead in the race for the White House, having received 243 electoral votes to Trump’s 214. According to The Guardian, the Democratic candidate is just six electoral college votes away from securing victory over Trump.

Yesterday, Trump prematurely declared that he’d won and vowed to go to the Supreme Court to demand that the counting of votes was stopped. He subsequently faced a backlash over his comments from the likes of Halsey and Cardi B.