TXT’s Huening Kai says he would lose at ‘Squid Game’: “I’m so bad at playing statue”

“[Huening Kai is] too nice, bad guys would leech off him,” Soobin added

TXT members Huening Kai and Soobin have shared more about what would happen if the group appeared on Netflix’s new hit thriller series Squid Game.

During a recent V Live broadcast, the K-pop idols spoke about the recently released TV series and how the various members would perform in that situation. One fan asked the duo who they think “would die first” if they were to participate, to which Huening Kai singled himself out.

“First, I’m so bad at playing statue,” the singer said, as translated by Koreaboo, in reference to the first game of the series ‘Red Light, Green Light’. The game features portions where players have to move quickly to reach a line when it’s the “green light” and be completely still when it’s the “red light” or be eliminated.


“You would’ve died in the first game,” Soobin added. “I think Huening would get betrayed. He’s too nice, bad guys would leech off him.”

Later in the broadcast, however, Soobin backtracked on his comments and chose Beomgyu as the member who would be eliminated first. “You need have to control when you hold back or attack, but I don’t think Beomgyu knows how to hold back. He’s the type to stubbornly go forth,” he said.

Soobin also noted that he thinks Yeonjun would not last long in Squid Game as well, ultimately declaring that Taehyun and him would “survive the longest”. He said: “I don’t think athletic skills are super essential. I think that if you throw me into that type of place, I would really stubbornly survive.”

In other Squid Game news, viewers have called out the series for alleged plagiarism due to supposed similarities in plot and filmography to the 2014 Japanese film As The Gods Will. However, the show’s director Hwang Dong-hyuk had previously mentioned during a press conference that the script for Squid Game had been in the works since 2008.

“It is true that [the first game is] similar, but after that, there aren’t any similarities,” he said. “I worked on [Squid Game in] 2008 and 2009, and at the time, the first game [had already been] fixed as ‘Red Light Green Light’.”