Tyler, The Creator confirms he didn’t appear in Tupac video as a child

Fans had seemingly believed that Tyler met the rapper when he was a toddler.

Tyler, The Creator has denied that he appeared in a video featuring the late Tupac Shakur when he was a toddler.

It comes after a recently resurfaced 1994 episode of BET’s Rap City showed Tupac playfully confronting a toddler on the street alongside seminal director John Singleton

In the video, Tupac is seen taking a stroll in Los Angeles alongside Singleton when he spots the child staring at him and proceeds to jokingly confront the youngster.


“What you gon’ do, man?” Tupac asks.

“You just be walking and somebody just be looking at you, mean-mugging, you know what I’m saying. Like he playing me or something. Now, I could keep walking or I could confront that man. I think I’ma keep walking. I don’t know what he got with him.”

Fans subsequently claimed that the Odd Future leader was the child in the clip – with one video even boasting the title ‘Tupac Meets Young Tyler The Creator’.

But eight years after the video originally emerged online, Tyler has now confirmed that he didn’t meet Tupac before the rapper’s death in 1996.

“Thats not me as a baby with tupac dumbass ha,” he wrote on Twitter.


While the child might not be Tyler, fans will be forgiven for noting the distinct similarities in their clothing – with the toddler’s cap and striped t-shirt bearing a strong resemblance to the outfit choices of the rapper in Odd Future’s early years.

Last week, Tyler also debuted his latest ice cream flavour after joining forces with the Ohio-based artisan company Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams.

Tyler will also return to Europe next year to play festivals including Roskilde and Primavera, after coronavirus forced both events to cancel their 2020 editions.

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