Unearthed footage shows 11-year-old Prince arguing for better pay for teachers

Shot in 1970, the rare footage was discovered in the archive room of a Minneapolis TV station

Newly unearthed footage of Prince arguing for better pay for teachers when he was 11 years old has made its way onto the internet – watch it below.

The rare footage – filmed in 1970 – was discovered in the archive room of Minneapolis television station WCCO by production manager Matt Liddy, who was searching the archives in order to place the teacher’s strike that took place in the same earlier this year into better context.

According to Stereogum, once Liddy came across the footage, he “immediately just went out to the newsroom and started showing people and saying, ‘I’m not gonna tell you who I think this is, but who do you think this is?'”


WCCO then brought in a specialist to restore audio to the footage, and they tracked down a local historian and a childhood friend of Prince’s to confirm that the child in the footage was indeed Prince.

In the video, a young Prince is seen being interviewed about the Minneapolis teacher’s strike that occurred in 1970. “I think they should get a better education too cause, um, and I think they should get some more money cause they work, they be working extra hours for us and all that stuff,” he says.

You can watch the short clip of Prince below:

Meanwhile, Prince’s 1985 live concert film Prince and The Revolution: Live is set to be remastered for a new reissue.

The late artist’s gig at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York on March 30, 1985, which was part of the ‘Purple Rain Tour’, was broadcast live internationally via satellite at the time, and was later released as Prince and The Revolution: Live.


The singer’s estate has now partnered with Legacy Recordings to release a remastered reissue of the film, which will be available on vinyl (3xLP), CD (2xCD), Blu-ray and streaming services for the first time. Pre-order is available now from here.

In other Prince news, Prince: The Immersive Experience will debut in Chicago this summer, where fans can “immerse themselves fully in the music and life of Prince”.

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