Us-2 Evil-0 return after 11 years with new EP ‘Filthy Finishers’

The Filipino indie pop band have also dropped a music video for second single 'Semper Fi'

Filipino indie pop band Us-2 Evil-0 have returned after 11 years with the new EP ‘Filthy Finishers’.

The four-track EP was released today (November 30), which is the 11th anniversary of their debut album ‘Dirty Debutantes’.

‘Filthy Finishers’ contains four songs, including the first single ‘Karaoke Machine’, which was released in October. Though upbeat, the song has a darker meaning, as it was influenced by the ‘My Way’ murders, a macabre phenomenon in the Philippines during drunken where people have been shot during karaoke sessions where the famous Frank Sinatra number is sung.


The remaining songs on ‘Filthy Finishers’ are ‘Semper Fi’, ‘Talk All Night’ and ‘Time Bomb’. ‘Semper Fi’, which is the second single, has received a light-hearted visual treatment.

The band perform against retro green screens, which depict multiple scenes such as a roller coaster, the beach and a journey through the universe in the ‘Semper Fi’ music video. Watch it below:


With the new EP arriving over a decade after their debut, Us-2 Evil-0 have reflected on how they have matured since.

“It’s interesting growing up with your band because you see how you change as people! Like, I think I was a lot pettier and dramatic as a bandmate in the past, but in the same way it’s hilarious that some of that still stays no matter how old you get,” co-vocalist Mich Dulce said, as quoted by Rappler.


The band’s guitarist and keyboardist Wincy Ong noted writing the album “was so much fun”, and that the back-and-forth between co-vocalist Quark Henares was “something I truly missed.”

“The lyrics are more mature now as all of us were reaching 40 during the making of the album. There’s a lot of nostalgia, regret, and introspection in the lyrics.”

Listen to the EP below.

For the EP, the band reunited with producer Mikey Amistoso, frontman of Ciudad and Hana and Gabi.¬†Amistoso said the band’s latest release featured a “more refined” sound.

“Gone are the days of Quark and (co-vocalist) Mich (Dulce)’s cutesy patootsie onstage dance moves complete with hand hearts, now replaced with confused looks in their faces as they struggle to understand what’s happening to the world around them. Evil seems to be leading by 2 now!”

Dulce also said the band still has the same dynamic and enjoyment of each other despite the years which was “a great thing to maintain in over a decade of making music and performing together.”

The Quintet also comprised bassist Nix Puno and drummer Bogs Jugo.