Valentina Ploy returns with new single, ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’

Her first single of the year

Thai-Italian singer-songwriter Valentina Ploy has released a new single, ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’.

The single – released today (September 30) on streaming platforms – starts off slow, with Ploy’s crystalline voice set against soft keys and acoustic guitars. It slowly builds in its later half which showcases pop production by Richard Craker, who “played with the sounds [and] turned vocal ad libs into samples” to give the song less of an acoustic feel.

Listen to ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’ below.


On the vulnerable track, Ploy reveals the “worst” parts of herself to a loved one, despite her fears of how they would respond.

Following the release of the track, Ploy revealed that it had been “sitting on my phone for a year”. ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’ marks the singer’s first release of 2021.

Prior to ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’, her last release was the September 2020 single, ‘Really Wanna Know Ya’. In July last year, Valentina Ploy released her debut EP, ‘Satellite’.

Ploy has been teasing her comeback on social media since the start of September, although it is currently unclear if more singles or a full project will follow the release of ‘Drunk Sleeping In Taxis’.

She has also teased a music video for the single, although details remain scarce.


Valentina Ploy is scheduled to perform at the inaugural Revive Arcade Festival in December. The virtual festival is slated to feature performances from Pamungkas, Zamaera, Aman RA, Margatsawa, AI.Z, Reality Club and more.

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