VannDa and Baramey announce fundraiser for Cambodian legend Master Kong Nay

Master Khong Nay has been hospitalised since May

Cambodian rap star VannDa and his label Baramey Productions are organising a fundraiser in support of legendary Cambodian bard Master Khong Nay.

The ‘Rise For Master Kong Nay’ campaign, which began on October 26, seeks to raise KHR1,000,000 to “help relieve the burden of the cost of [Master Khong Nay’s] treatment and daily living expenses” in light of the bard’s ongoing hospitalisation since May for “serious health issues such as diabetic, urinary and lung complications.”

Fans can make donations via the ABA app, with VannDa himself sharing a screenshot of a USD999 donation he made to the campaign.


សូមជំរាបសួរទៅដល់ពុកម៉ែបងប្អូនពូមីងទាំងអស់គ្នា!សូមចូលរួមអបអរសាទរ ទៅកាន់ ព្រឹទ្ធាចារ្យ​ កោសល្យវោហារ គង់ ណៃ…

Posted by Baramey Production on Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Master Khong Nay, a survivor of the Pol Pot dictatorship and renowned master of the chapei dang veng, a traditional Cambodian instrument similar to a lute, appeared on VannDa’s breakthrough 2020 single ‘Time to Rise’.

The music video for ‘Time to Rise’ recently hit 100,000,000 views on Youtube, with VannDa marking the milestone in a Instagram post that reads: “First of all I would like to thank Master Khong Nay for his noble presence in the song ‘Time to Rise’. Thanks to all the fans both home and abroad for the support so far. ‘Time to Rise’ can be said to be a song that, like a mirror, reflects the preservation and development of the national heritage, can make many people in and abroad more know about Khmer art by getting respect, love and recognition of the artistic field in Cambodia.”

VannDa most recently released the music video for ‘C.O.D.A.’, the fifth single to be released from ‘Skull 2: Season 1’ following June’s ‘How’s It Taste?’, the double drop of ‘Parenthesis’ and ‘Life Is A Game’ on May 20 and the release of ‘Bok Kalo’ on March 23. He also recently appeared on Thai rapper OG Bobby’s new track ‘Bong’, which was released on October 21.

The rapper has also announced plans for another tour in support of ‘$KULL 2: Part Two’ when it releases in November, which will see him touring into 2023.