Veteran Malaysian producer Roslan Aziz reveals lymphoma diagnosis: “I might only have six months left”

“While life seems grim at the moment, I’m grateful for family and friends,” he said

Renowned Malaysian producer and musician Roslan Aziz has revealed that he is suffering from stage four lymphoma and says he may only have “six months left” to live.

Roslan, 61, broke the news in a recent interview with Astro Awani. He shared that he discovered the cancer after going through a series of blood and MRI tests in November after experiencing a severe stomach ache.

Per The Malay Mail, Roslan – who is currently undergoing chemotherapy – added that he was “devastated” after his doctor told him “I might only have six months left due to lymphoma”, saying that he has now “accepted my fate”.

Watch a snippet of Roslan Aziz’s interview with Astro Awani below.

Despite the disheartening diagnosis, Aziz says he is “grateful for family and friends that have been concerned about me. Cancer taught me that we are not meant to be alone but to have friends and family members that we can rely on. My family and friends complete me – they are my source of strength and comfort.”

In the interview, Aziz also thanked his wife of 23 years, Sopphilea Hamid: “Sopphilea has been my best friend and soul mate. She is my rock as I fight the disease”.

Aziz added that he has no regrets as he has achieved most of what he wanted to do in life: “I know I’m going to die and there’s nothing to be sad about. What saddens me is that I won’t be with my wife and children anymore,” he said.

Roslan Aziz is best known for his contributions to the Malaysian music scene, which includes building the careers of esteemed singers such as Sheila Majid (his former spouse) and Zainal Abidin throughout the 1980s and 1990s, as well as founding pioneering Malaysian record label Roslan Aziz Productions. He was a judge on Malaysian Idol from 2004 to 2005.