Veteran musician Awie calls for Malaysia to prioritise local acts and restrict international performers

The Wings frontman called on the government to "look after homegrown talents first”

Veteran Malaysian rocker Awie has called on the local authorities to restrict international performances so that local artists don’t feel “left out”.

Awie, the singer of Malaysian rock band Wings, said that local acts were feeling left out due to the increasing number of international showcases being held in the country. According to New Straits Times, Awie said: “Foreign acts are very lucky that we have welcomed them to perform in our country. However, there comes a time when we have to restrict the number of them, and now is the time.”

He explained: “We have many talents who are promising, be they soloists or bands. They aren’t comfortable with the huge presence of overseas acts and need our support.”


Awie called upon the new government that will be installed following Malaysia’s general election this November 19 to prioritise local acts and help them to spread their music to neighbouring countries, adding: “We have to look after homegrown talents first.”

2022 has seen Malaysia host concerts by international and regional artists, with a series of concerts by Indonesian acts including veteran rock band NOAH’s November 12 concert at the Zepp KL concert hall, Ungu’s two-night concert this November 18 and 19, Slank’s November 19 showcase, and singer Raisa’s November 20 concert yet to come.

Meanwhile, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has shared that she was unable to enlist support or a sponsor for a concert she wanted to hold in Kuala Lumpur this year. “I’m pretty bummed but I believe that maybe it was not meant to be and whatever ‘way’ we tried to take was not the path I meant to take,” she shared, adding, “My team and I will find a way to build our own show, unfortunately it won’t be this year.”

Yuna previously teased plans to hold “another performance like the one I had at [KLCC] Plenary Hall a few years ago”, hinting she could hold a concert in Kuala Lumpur towards the end of 2022.