Video screen collapses during boyband Mirror’s concert in Hong Kong, injuring two dancers

One of the dancers is reportedly in intensive care

Two dancers were injured by a falling video screen during Cantopop boyband Mirror’s recent concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

During the concert yesterday (July 28), a large LED screen suspended above the stage collapsed and fell directly on one of the dancers, before its impact caused it to topple over another dancer.

Multiple clips, shot by fans and circulating on social media show the accident unfolding mid-performance and other performers on stage rushing to help their injured colleagues to horrific screams from fans.

Per The Associated Press, Hong Kong police have shared that a report was made at 10:35PM local time, and that two male dancers were hospitalised at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a “conscious state”.

AP reports that three audience members were also allegedly sent to the same hospital following the night’s incident. One of them was reportedly treated after feeling unwell from witnessing the incident. The other two fans were reportedly in a state of shock and did not require medical treatment.

The South China Morning Post has reported that promoter MakerVille’s chief executive Lo Ting-fai has shared an update on the injured dancers. According to Lo, a dancer named Fung sustained “scratches and sprained muscles, and could be discharged after some observation in hospital”. Meanwhile, dancer Mo is still in intensive care, with doctors requiring more time to ascertain his condition after the LED screen fell directly onto his head.

Mirror have yet to issue a statement or comment on the incident.

MarkerVille has also issued a statement on social media following the incident, apologising for the accident and offering refunds to those in attendance. The announcement also confirms that “all remaining performances and online live broadcasts will be cancelled”.

MakerVille has said that the company is “deeply sorry that the incident caused unease to viewers or others affected”. Additionally, MakerVille has confirmed that the company is “thoroughly investigating the cause of the accident and will make an announcement as soon as possible”. More information surrounding refunds will be announced at a later date.

Read MakerVille’s full statement below.

Lawmaker Priscilla Leung Mei-fun has also called for a thorough investigation of the incident, telling the South China Morning Post: “The organiser, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department are all responsible for ensuring the safety of the venue, to ensure all staff can perform under a safe environment.

“The authorities must investigate the cause of the accident, and whether it involves human negligence or poor supervision.”

An online petition has since been put on calling for the safety of Mirror during their concerts. The petition’s description claims that “it was revealed that not only was the rehearsal time insufficient, but the safety of various agencies was also questioned, and the safety of the performers was not safe.”

At the time of writing, the petition has gained 13,239 signatures.