Vietnamese R&B singer Thuy releases vulnerable new single ‘playing tricks’

The single was accompanied by a music video that portrays a painful story of womanhood

Los Angeles-based Vietnamese R&B singer Thuy has released a new single ‘playing tricks’, her second new single after the recently released deluxe version of her ‘i hope u see this’ debut EP.

The single was released on August 17 and was accompanied by a music video that portrays a painful story of womanhood as a young woman goes through the journey of an expecting mother who loses her child. Thuy said of the single’s themes in a statement: “Sometimes, your mind can play tricks on your heart and get in the way of something special, but this song is a reminder to believe in love and what’s real.”

“I was on the brink of giving up / Something told me I should hang it up / Never thought I’d find a love quite like you / and I pray I never end up losing ya / Find a way to mess a good thing up / In my heart I know it’s always been you,” Thuy sings to a laid back beat as the video shows the journey of the woman and her partner through good times and bad.


Watch the music video for ‘playing tricks’ below.

Thuy previously released the single ‘trust’ featuring Filipino singer RINI on July 6. It was her first new material since the release of the deluxe edition of ‘i hope u see this’ earlier this year in May.

The fourteen-track deluxe edition added five new songs to the EP, including remixes of ‘universe’ by Christian Kuria and ‘in my bag’ by Destiny Rogers. In a press statement at the time, Thuy said that the deluxe edition was a “continuation of the theme that I’m closing the door on the past in order to enter a new chapter in my life.”

The EP was originally released in October last year.

Thuy first debuted in 2015 with the single ‘Ain’t No One’ following what was described as a “lacklustre” stint in the medical field.