Violette Wautier opens up to new love in latest single ‘This Time’

Watch the Thai-Belgian singer's joyous music video

Thai-Belgian singer Violette Wautier has released her newest track titled ‘This Time’.

The song, which dropped yesterday (August 19) on all major streaming platforms, is about finding a new love and being in a better place than before. As she sings in the chorus: “Because of you / You make everything better / And because of you / I don’t want anything else / I’m happy since I’ve got you.”

Wautier also released a music video for the self-written track, in which she plays a woman in love – going on a long drive, smiling even when she’s alone at home and even dancing in the streets.


Watch the music video here:

Prior to the single’s release, the 27-year-old singer collaborated with actor and singer-songwriter Mew Suppasit for the track ‘Love Hate’, released earlier this August.

‘This Time’ is the The Voice Thailand alum’s fifth release this 2021, with other tracks ‘Matter’, ‘Quarantine’ and ‘Drowned’ coming out earlier this year.

Last year, Violette released her first full-length album ‘Glitter And Smoke’. The all-English record was praised as a “love letter to fervent summer flings and all of the reckless escapism they typically entail” by NME’s Chanun Poomsawai.