Vira Talisa and Meda Kawu collaborate on new single, ‘Sweet Dream, Sweet Little Thing’

A wistful, jazzy lullaby by the two Indonesian artists

Indonesian singer-songwriters Vira Talisa and Meda Kawu have unveiled their latest collaborative single, ’Sweet Dream, Sweet Little Thing’.

The soft, dreamy single was released on Wednesday (November 17) on all major streaming platforms. The song sees the two vocalists duet over an arrangement of lush piano keys, a soothing guitar solo, hushed drums and a subtle bassline.

The jazzy proceedings are further accentuated by lyrics like “Sweet dream, sweet little thing / Close your eyes, we’ll say goodnight / The moon is singing a peaceful song for you”.


Listen to ‘Sweet Dream, Sweet Little Thing’ below.


Per a PopHariIni report, the song was written a long time ago by Vira Talisa. It apparently only took full shape upon her meeting with Meda Kawu.

‘Sweet Dream, Sweet Little Thing’ marks the second time that Vira Talisa and Meda Kawu have collaborated together. Last year, the two musicians teamed up with Chiki Fawzi for ‘Panggilan Jiwa’.


This year, Vira Talisa has released a live EP recorded at TNF Studio and two singles, ‘Oh Sunny Days’ and ‘Secret Admirer’. In April, Talisa was one of four Indonesian acts that contributed to a cover EP for Grrrl Gang’s ‘Honey, Baby’.

The singer-songwriter Meda Kawu, on the other hand, has released two singles, ‘The Other Side’ and ‘Pulang Menanti’.