Watch VIVIZ, WJSN and Kep1er perform fan favourites in latest ‘Queendom 2’ episode

Hyolyn, LOONA and Brave Girls are set to perform next week

VIVIZ, WJSN and Kep1er kick off the first set of performances for Queendom 2‘s final round of battles in the latest episode.

On the May 19 episode of the Mnet reality series, the six participating teams are engaged in the final round of battles dubbed the ‘Fantastic Queendom’, where each act is tasked to craft a performance using songs selected by fans.

This episodes marks the first half of the season’s final round of battles before the final, winner-determining live show, with VIVIZ, WJSN and Kep1er being the first acts to stage their performances.


Fans of Kep1er, along with discussion from the group’s members, selected the classic Girls’ Generation song ‘The Boys’ for their performance, seeing as Tiffany Young was a mentor for the group on Girls’ Planet 999and Taeyeon is a host for Queendom 2.

The group notably tweaked the song to reflect a different image from the original music Kep1er has put out so far, opting to go for a style that’s darker and bolder.

On the other hand, VIVIZ made the decision to perform their debut song as a trio, instead of a song plucked from their previous group GFRIEND’s past discography. As a result, the trio took on a revamped version of ‘BOP BOP!’, complete with a cheerleader theme.

The final performers for this episode were WJSN, who were notably in full strength with member Bona rejoining the group for their Queendom appearances. The singer was previously absent due to clashing filming schedules for the Netflix K-drama Twenty Five Twenty One


The 10 members of WJSN took on the track ‘Pantomime’, a B-side track off their 2020 album ‘Neverland’ for their performance. The girl group notably adopted a musical-like concept for their performance, with outfits inspired by classic showgirl attire from the Roaring ’20s.

The remaining Queendom 2 contestants – Hyolyn, LOONA and Brave Girls – are set to have their performances for the final battle aired next week along with the results, with one of the six existing acts at risk of elimination if ranked last.

The next episode of Queendom will air on May 26 at 9:20pm KST on Mnet. Queendom 2 is also available to stream on Viu in various regions.

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