VIXX’s Hyuk announces departure from Jellyfish Entertainment

He's now the fourth member of the K-pop boyband to have done so

VIXX singer Hyuk has announced his departure from longtime label Jellyfish Entertainment in a handwritten letter to fans.

The K-pop idol took to Instagram yesterday (June 1) to announce his decision to leave the entertainment company, a little over a week after the boyband celebrated their 10th anniversary on May 24. He shared in his post that he had wished to deliver the news to fans before it would be reported in the media.

“I’ll be wrapping up my time of ten years at Jellyfish [Entertainment] and decided to take the time to reorganise so that I can go forth to a new environment,” he wrote, according to translations by Koreaboo.


“May was a meaningful month for both the VIXX members and fans since it was our 10th anniversary. So, I wanted to only deliver good news and I wanted us to enjoy the 10th anniversary to the fullest, and so I am only sharing this news now,” he continued.

Hyuk shared that he was “worried” about surprising fans with the sudden announcement, however, he has decided to “challenge new things and be in an unfamiliar new environment”.

“But what I’m sure is that the time I spent on stage with you all – the brilliant time together – is the best moment in my life that is unchanging and I want to share that,” the singer wrote.

“I’m your artist and VIXX’s youngest member Hyuk no matter what I do or wherever I am,” assured the vocalist. “I want to say thank you to the Jellyfish staff members who allowed me to meet VIXX, which is like my roots, and Starlight, and also for giving me help so that I can grow. Please watch over me as I continue my activities as VIXX’s youngest member and as Han Sang-hyuk.”

With this, Hyuk is now the fourth member of VIXX to have left the music label, following Ravi in May 2019, Hongbin in August 2020 and N in October 2020. However, Ravi, Hyuk and N have clarified that they plan to remain as part of VIXX, despite not operating under the same management.

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