Voice of Baceprot aim to break stereotypes with new single ‘PMS’

The track was also inspired by a series of short stories written by Indonesian author Feby Indirani

Indonesian metal trio Voice of Baceprot have released a new single aimed at breaking stereotypes of women in the workplace titled ‘PMS’.

Released on November 3, the new single’s title stands for ‘Perempuan Merdeka Seutuhnya’, or ‘Wholly Independent Woman’ and was written in 2017 when the trio of Marsya, Widi and Sitti were still in high school. The track takes aim at gender discrimination in the workplace, with Marsya remarking in a press statement: “Ironically, it’s not just the men who would display such behaviours, but also our fellow women too!”

The track was also inspired by a series of short stories written by Indonesian author Feby Indirani titled Bukan Perawan Maria, or Not Virgin Mary, with lyrics that directly reference the stories in the vociferous proclamation, “Meski tak seperawan Maria / Aku bukan budak busuk otakmu / Meski tak seperawan Maria / Akulah merdeka merdekalah seutuhnya!”: “Though not as virgin as Mary / I’m not your brain rotten slave / Even though she’s not as virgin as Mary / I am free, completely free!


Listen to Voice of Baceprot’s ‘PMS’ below.

Voice of Baceprot previously released a progressive house remix EP of their breakout 2018 single ‘School Revolution’ by two-time Grammy nominee and Madonna collaborator Timo Mass and German house DJ/producer Andre Winter titled ‘School’s Out Re-Bang’ in September.

The group also released the empowering single ‘(Not) Public Property’ on March 8, which saw them taking a stand against the violation of women’s rights in their first track without the supervision of mentor Abah Erza. The group have released two other singles in their debut track ‘School Revolution’ and August 2021’s ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’.

Voice of Baceprot are set to perform at the Jakarta debut of 88rising’s Head In the Clouds festival this December 3 and 4 at Community Park PIK2. They will perform alongside Rich BrianNIKI, Joji, Jackson Wang, (G)I-DLE, ex-Day6 member eaJ and more at the festival, which was originally set to be held in 2020 before the coronavirus pandemic forced a postponement.

Two-day passes for general admission go for 2,958,000 IDR, while VIP passes and club passes for two-day access go for 5,133,000 IDR, and 11,600,000 IDR respectively. Tickets are available here.

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