Voice of Baceprot rock out in new music video for ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’

The Indonesian metal trio deliver an urgent message of equality in the video

Indonesian metal trio Voice of Baceprot have released the music video for ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’, their latest single.

In the video, directed by Bona Palma, Voice of Baceprot perform on a soundstage in a warehouse. Between several striking outfit changes, the band’s three members – vocalist/guitarist Firdda ‘Marsya’ Kurnia, bassist Widi Rahmawati, and drummer Euis ‘Sitti’ Aisyah – deliver the song’s plea for equality, hitting back at the band’s detractors.

Several people echo the band’s message via footage showed in a wall of CRT television screens in the background. Indonesian rapper Yacko, singer-songwriter/activist Kartika Jahja, punk musician Ishani Jasmin, and poets Zahra Ahmad and Rakaya Fetuga all display on signboards the messages “I wish for a world free from sexual harassment” and “Stop changing people’s names just because you can’t pronounce them.”


Watch the music video for ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’ below.

“The lyrics to ‘God, Allow Me (Please) to Play Music’ are so powerful, with the main chorus speaking to us all about the struggle of being different and rising up, overcoming stereotypes, defying stigmas, and challenging false claims,” said director Palma.

“Moreover, the lyrics inspire us to persevere in the fight against intimidation, to drive away past fears, and embrace freedom of expression.”

‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’ is the band’s second-ever single following 2018’s ‘School Revolution’, and follows the release of their recent live EP, ‘The Other Side of Metalism’, which featured covers of songs by Slipknot, System Of A Down, and Rage Against the Machine.


In an earlier interview with NME, Kurnia said that ‘God, Allow Me (Please) To Play Music’ deals directly with the “suppression of women” and “our common designation as objects and second-rate human beings”.

In November, the band will perform for Singaporean music festival Baybeats.

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