Singapore’s W. Y. Huang releases new single ‘Alone Again’ via New York label TWIN Records

"Musically, this song marks something of a new chapter for me, which is both scary and exciting"

Singaporean artist W. Y. Huang has released a new single, ‘Alone Again’.

The track arrived today (February 17) via New York label TWIN, an imprint of True Panther Sounds, which has released music by the likes of Slowthai and Kelsey Lu.

A plaintive synth pop ballad, ‘Alone Again’ marks a departure from Huang’s more experimental previous material. Lyrically, the track tackles the subject of connections fading and someone thinking about what they should have said to a loved one while they still had the chance.


Listen to W. Y. Huang’s ‘Alone Again’ below.

On Instagram, Huang revealed that ‘Alone Again’ was the last song he wrote before he left Singapore in 2016 for New York City, where he is now based.

“It’s a song that felt very special to me, but I sat on it for years cos it just didn’t feel like a something I could release,” he explained. “But all this time its melody stayed with me, New York helped me grow, and now I’ve found my way back to it.⠀⠀
“Musically, this song marks something of a new chapter for me, which is both scary and exciting. Funny how the journey sometimes brings u right back to the start.”

‘Alone Again’ is Huang’s first solo release since his 2019 EP, ‘Crossing The Great Water’, which featured tracks like ‘Vision From The Depths’ featuring Taipei artist Meuko! Meuko!, ‘Translate’ and ’Mercy’.


In September last year, Huang collaborated with Brooklyn/Tokyo DJ Haruka Salt for the techno track ‘OG Gong’ as part of Haruka’s ‘HakuraMart’ EP.

The track’s animated music video features two kaiju duking it out in a city, wreaking havoc as the battle wages on, paying homage to monster films such as Godzilla, Attack On Titan and more.