Warner Music Philippines and Cagayan de Oro label 9K Records ink new partnership

9K Records is a platform of young talent from the southern Philippines. This marks their first partnership with a major label

9k Records Warner Music Philippines
Credit: 9k Records official Facebook

Warner Music Philippines has announced a new partnership with 9K Records, a hip-hop and R&B label based in Cagayan de Oro.

The upstart label has been a thriving space for talent based in the southern Philippines. As label rep Yuuki Tacascas explained in a statement to OneMusic PH on August 10, “9K Records is a collective of artists from Cagayan de Oro. The zip code for Cagayan de Oro is 9000, Hence, 9K. We all have different styles of music but we always find a way to mix things up to create something new.”

On July 16, label artists JKLRD, J. $wish, $tn Andrsn and NEUVMBR released a new single titled ‘Panaginip’ – the first release on Warner. Hear it below:

“‘Panaginip’ is about the artists’ significant others, how to treat their partners right, and how they’re willing to do things for them,” J. $wish shared. “The beat was made by NEUVMBR for JKLRD, $tn Andrsn, and myself with the intention to create a different kind of vibe in the Pinoy RnB/Hiphop scene.”

The heartfelt single is the latest release by 9K Records, which has been sporadically releasing new music over the past year. In May, the label unveiled ‘Barbie’, the launchpad single for Soulthrll. A full-length EP by the artist is on the way.