Watch Alice Cooper cheer up Harry Nilsson’s son, Zak, with a new song

Zak Nilsson is suffering from end-stage colon cancer

Alice Cooper has surprised Zak Nilsson – son of late singer Harry Nilsson – with a sweet new tune in a bid to cheer him up, as he continues to suffer from end-stage colon cancer.

Cooper performed the song on a recent episode of Coffee Talk With ADIKA Live, the YouTube live show hosted by former Rolling Stone writer Corey Levitan and bassist Stefan Adika. The pair have established a friendship with Nilsson over the years, inviting him onto the show to discuss his experiences with cancer, chemotherapy and more.

According to Rolling Stone, to mark Nilsson’s decision to enter hospice care instead of continuing treatment, Adika and Leftan reached out to members of Hollywood Vampires – Harry Nilsson’s old drinking club – to see if anyone wanted to send Zak a message.


Arranged through Cooper’s daughter, Calico, the ‘Feed My Frankenstein’ rocker – a Hollywood Vampires founding member – responded with an original song, surprising Nilsson during the January 2 Coffee Talk episode.

A bright piano melody carries Cooper’s croon, as he sings cheery lines like “So Zak, your doc could be a quack, considering all that, tomorrow morning you’ll see the sun!

After Cooper’s performance, Nilsson jokingly points out that Cooper had made an error in the accuracy of his lyrics. “He did say there’s nothing that I lack,” Nilsson begins, “and I would argue the only thing I really lack is a functioning gastrointestinal tract, but other than that, spot on.”

Watch Cooper’s appearance below:

Harry Nilsson, best known for his 1968 song ‘Everybody’s Talkin”, died in 1994, aged 52, having suffered a serious heart attack in the year prior.


In 2019, a posthumous album, ‘Losst and Founnd’ was released. In its three-star review, NME said the album sounded “surprisingly current”.