Watch August Wahh’s video for smooth new single ‘Woo Woo’

"‘Woo Woo’ essentially is placing that trust within yourself that the universe will provide"

Filipino R&B artist August Wahh has dropped a soothing new single ‘Woo Woo’ with an accompanying music video.

The single was made available on streaming services on Saturday (February 27). And a music video, which was shot in the scenic hills of Antipolo, Philippines, was released on YouTube the same day.

The video, produced by Anak!Ng Studios, shows the artist dancing and singing against a picturesque backdrop. Watch it below.


‘Woo Woo’, which was produced by Manila-based Asch, is about intuition and trusting one’s own gut.

“The song is about manifesting. I think everyone, even in their own subconscious way, prays for something they need, prays to some divine force to protect, provide, or to thank,” Wahh said in a statement. “I’m at a point in my life where I want to manifest things for myself and my future.”

“I found that latching on too tightly to a desired outcome wasn’t working. So I tried just saying my wishes out loud, with the purest intentions, and then letting it go…and then doing the work!” she added.

Wahh chose the title ‘Woo Woo’, she said, as the phrase is used as a “low-key derogatory word for spiritual curiosities”.

“People use it to make fun of faith, as if it was weird to talk about higher intuition. To me, ‘Woo Woo’ essentially is placing that trust within yourself that the universe will provide. I’m sure there’s other words for it, but ‘Woo Woo”s fucking catchy.”


In November last year, the artist dropped her EP ‘Vivid’. The release contained three tracks and featured producer Subculture, London-based jazz artist Ashley Henry, R&B singer-songwriter Life On Planets, and UK producer Girls Of The Internet.

Last year, Wahh also received nominations at the Wish 107.5 Music Awards for ‘Best R&B Performance’ and ‘Best Performance by a New Female Artist’ at the Awit Awards in the Philippines.