Watch Autotelic’s new music video for pensive track ‘Kwentuhan’

"‘Kwentuhan’ reminds us of the importance of the human connection"

Filipino pop band Autotelic have dropped a touching new music video for their pensive single ‘Kwentuhan’.

The track, the first by the band for 2021, initially released on major streaming platforms in January while the official music video premiered on YouTube on March 12.

In a press release, the band said the song was relevant to current times despite being written in early 2019. The music video shows two childhood friends talking over drinks and celebrating milestones like their college graduation. Towards the end, it implies that one of them has passed away and the other raises a glass to him.


Watch the music video below.

“With the past year being a time when people have been unintentionally separated from one another, ‘Kwentuhan’ reminds us of the importance of the human connection and is exactly what we need for a brand-new start,” keyboardist and backup vocalist, Kai Honasan-Del Rio, said.

Autotelic’s songwriter and vocalist Josh Villena said ‘Kwentuhan’, which translates as “storytelling” or “chatter” in Tagalog, touches on the importance of communication, adding a quick catch-up with a friend or relative can make a difference in their lives

“‘Kwentuhan’ is a conversation I wish I could still have with a friend that had passed away,” Villena said.

The track sees the band taking on a more guitar-driven alternative rock feel reminiscent of the ’90s and early 2000s, a departure from their signature synth-heavy dance and pop rock sound.


However, Villena notes the song is seen as an expansion to Autotelic’s sound, as opposed to a change of genre altogether as “Our genre is very broad.”

The Manila-based six-piece band’s latest single comes after they launched two tracks ‘Ikaw’ and ‘Bago’ last year. In 2019, the band released the singles ‘Guillotine’ and ‘Hindi Alam’.

The band also consists of guitarist Neil Tin, synth player EJ Edralin, bassist Timothy “Pabs” Vargas and drummer Gep Macadaeg.

Formed in 2012, the band shot to fame with their hits ‘Laro’ and ‘Languyin’, with the former clinching a prize at the 30th Awit Awards in 2017.

After signing with MCA music in 2016, the band released their debut album ‘Papunta Pabalik’ the same year.

In 2018, the band released their five-track EP ‘Takipsilim’, which received nominations from the Awit Awards and Star Awards for Music.

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