Watch Azmyl Yunor’s poignant music video for ‘Kinchang Penindas’

Marking the 10th anniversary of his bilingual folk album 'Warga'

Veteran Malaysian singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor has dropped a poignant music video for his song ‘Kinchang Penindas’ (‘Tricks of the Oppressor’), to mark its 10th anniversary.

The video, made available on YouTube on New Year’s Eve, captures a series of serene street scenes in Kajang, Malaysia.

It’s the second video Azmyl released in 2020 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his bilingual folk album ‘Warga’, which the song appears on.


“2020 was the year the people of Malaysia were betrayed by their own elected leaders and politicised the COVID-19 pandemic,” the description on the video reads.

“This still persists 10 years on after the song’s release (which was written in 2007) making it an evergreen protest song (the song was heard blaring over speakers during the Bersih street protest demonstrations in the early 2010’s).”

Watch the video below:

The music video, directed by Fahmi Sani and shot by Aaron Chieng of Ninth Floor Productions, was shot in the director’s hometown of Kajang.

Azmyl, who hails from neighbouring town Bangi, had pitched the idea of shooting the video as a “love letter to Kajang”.


“I learnt beauty can be found anywhere if you view them from the right angle,” Fahmi said in the video’s description.

‘Kinchang Penindas’ also features award-winning singer-songwriter Shanon Shah on piano and cellist The Alia from The Sigarettes and Furniture.

In June, Azmyl launched the first commemorative video clip for ‘Warga’: a clip for one of its English tracks, ‘Let it Come’.

In September, Azmyl released his fourth full-length album, ‘John Bangi Blues’. In a four-star review, NME‘s Adrian Yap called the record a “return to form” that took up “the position of working-class folk hero who exalts the everyman and rallies against inequality and injustice through the sear of twang and blues”.