Watch Basboi go through stages of life in his ‘Bismillah’ music video

The Kamga-assisted song appears on his debut album ‘Adulting For Dummies’

Basboi has dropped a music video for ‘Bismillah’, the gospel-tinged closing track of his recently released debut album ‘Adulting For Dummies’.

Released Tuesday (June 29), the video centres on the Indonesian rapper, who goes rapidly through different stages of life – from a baby in a onesie to a schoolgoing kid to a college graduate to an office worker and beyond. It also includes an appearance from featured artist Kamga.

The concept matches the lyrical themes of the ‘Bismillah’: “Life’s a beast that we foolishly try to conquer / As I’m gonna take my first step / Please send me bismillah / ’Cause I’m gonna need it,’” Basboi raps.


Watch the ‘Bismillah’ video, which was directed by Arya Satriaputra RK, below:

‘Bismillah’ is the third music video to emerge from ‘Adulting For Dummies’, following ‘CHING’ and ‘Happy Birthday’. The album, which is the follow-up to his ‘Fresh Graduate’ EP, got a digital release on June 18.

‘Adulting For Dummies’ is an artistic milestone for Basboi, who told NME in a recent interview that by the time he began work on it, he had “figured out what kind of rapper I wanted to be”.

The album’s emphasis on vulnerability and authenticity was inspired by fellow Indonesian artist Kunto Aji’s ‘Mantra, Mantra’ album. “That album was so emotionally naked and so vulnerable and so real,” Basboi told NME.


“I want my music to be real, too. I want my music to completely depict who I really am: a Jakarta migrant who is still struggling in life. My music needs to present reality.”