Watch Bayangan perform ‘Gita / Malam’ on new online series ‘Transmisi’

He also talked about his influences and his plans to enter academia

Malaysian neo-folk singer Bayangan has performed his song ‘Gita / Malam’ on the new online live music series Transmisi.

The video of Bayangan delivering the somber tune, taken off his 2018 debut album ‘Bersendirian Berhad’, premiered on YouTube yesterday (Oct 1).

Watch Bayangan’s performance below:


Shot in in Lingkar, Petaling Jaya on August 20 this year, this episode of Transmisi was filmed by a production collective called Krew Filem Sek Kito. The team has yet to fully announce the lineup of the series.

The ten-minute video also saw Bayangan, real name Fikri Fadzil, interviewed on numerous topics.

Describing his creative process in writing songs, Bayangan said: “It’s quite open actually, I go into the studio not knowing what’s going to come out of it.”

He added: “It is the process that is the most interesting.”

As for local inspirations, Bayangan cited Iwan from experimental pop group Tenderfist, and Ali Johan and Smek (of No Good and Killeur Calculateur) as among his influences. He added the artwork of Grizzly Bear guitarist Daniel Rossen is a source of aesthetic reference for him.


“He’s an extremely humble guy for a talented person, so I think that’s really inspiring,” Bayangan said of Rossen.

Aside from music, Bayangan says his future plans may include joining academia to look into researching “sound therapy”, and coming up with art projects related to the research.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Bayangan’s songs touch on life in contemporary urban Malaysia, from personal relationships to societal issues.

Bayangan, who also founded popular Malaysian-based music and talk show The Wknd Sessions in 2008, dropped his nine-track debut album in 2018.