Watch Ben&Ben perform their 2017 single ‘Leaves’ in Korean

The band enlisted Day6 member Young K to feature on a ‘Leaves’ rework last month

Filipino folk-pop band Ben&Ben have released a video of their 2017 single ‘Leaves’ – performed in Korean.

The Korean version – which is currently only available as a live performance via YouTube – was released on Sunday, June 20. The video has amassed over 150,000 views since it was uploaded.

Watch ‘Leaves (Korean ver.)’ below.


The Korean rendition of ‘Leaves’ starts off slow, with acoustic guitars and soft keys. As the track progresses, more instruments are introduced, including violins, percussion and more – aligning with Ben&Ben’s live approach to the song, which incorporates more instrumentation than the stripped-down studio original.

This marks the second new version of ‘Leaves’ the band have released this year. Last month, the group released a rework featuring Young K of South Korean pop group Day6.

This Korean version of ‘Leaves’ continues Ben&Ben’s affinity for South Korean music. The band have released multiple episodes of BBTV, in which they cover popular K-pop songs including tracks from DAY6, BTS, NCT Dream, Red Velvet, GOT7, EXO and more.

In other news, Ben&Ben announced earlier this month their intentions to release their highly anticipated sophomore album in August. A specific release date has yet to be announced, though.

The band have released two songs from the album so far: ‘Upuan’ and ‘Magpahinga’.


Over the weekend, it was confirmed that Ben&Ben were collaborating with P-pop group SB19. It is set for release on June 27.