Watch Big Thief debut new song ‘Simulation Swarm’ on Instagram

A hint of the first full-band material since 2019's 'Two Hands'

Big Thief have shared a working version of a new song, ‘Simulation Swarm’, to their Instagram.

The track is played in full on acoustic guitar by frontwoman Adrianne Lenker, and was recorded in March 2020 according to the caption. It also notes the band are “still working on this one”. The arpeggiated acoustic guitar has a  hypnotic, knotty quality to it, while Lenker sings the chorus refrain: “From the 31st floor of the simulation swarm“.

It’s the first hint of full-band material since the release of ‘Love In Mine’ in Spring last year, an outtake from the sessions for 2019’s ‘Two Hands’.


Watch the clip below.

Last year was dedicated to solo projects for almost all of Big Thief’s members. Lenker released the solo companion records ‘songs’ and ‘instrumentals’; drummer James Krivchenia shared an ambient album entitled ‘A New Found Relaxation’, and guitarist Buck Meek shared the solo album ‘Two Saviours’ last month.

In April, they also released a five-track album of unreleased demos to support their road crew. It featured three completely unheard songs, along with two full-band reworkings of songs from Lenker’s 2018 debut solo album ‘abysskiss’.

In 2019, the band released the two-punch studio albums ‘U.F.O.F.’ and ‘Two Hands’.

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