Watch Bleachers perform with St. Vincent on the rooftop of Electric Lady Studios

The ‘Daddy’s Home’ musician performs backing vocals on ‘What’d I Do With All This Faith?’

Bleachers, the main project of Jack Antonoff, have released a new performance video featuring St. Vincent.

The clip features a rendition of ‘What’d I Do With All This Faith?’, a track taken from the band’s latest album ‘Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night’. In the video, St. Vincent joined Antonoff and gang as a backup vocalist.

The performance was filmed on the rooftop of Electric Lady Studios in New York. Antonoff and gang also performed another album cut, ‘Big Life’, sans St. Vincent.


Watch the clips below.

The performance videos are part of an ongoing live series called Bleachers On The Roof, in which the band also performed with Bruce Springsteen last December.

While St. Vincent did appear on Bleachers’ latest album, she only provided background vocals for ‘Stop Making This Hurt’. Last week, she released a performance clip of the Antonoff-produced track ‘Los Ageless’ from her Down And Out Downtown virtual concert.

Elsewhere, it was recently reported that Antonoff will enforce a vaccine policy on his upcoming tour with the Bleachers, which begins in the US in September. Venues will require attendees to be fully vaccinated or provide a negative COVID-19 test. “We’re not messing around,” Antonoff had tweeted. “Every show will be as safe as possible without any weirdo bullshit.”


St. Vincent meanwhile is set to embark on a tour in the UK and Europe in June 2022. “We’ve been cooped up for nearly two years and we need an exorcism,” she told NME. “I need to truly leave it all on the stage. Emotionally, we’re not even sure how much we have inside of us. It’s been a while!”

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