Watch Burgerkill’s full ‘RockAroma’ performance

The Indonesian metal band played ‘Roar of Chaos’, ‘Integral’ and more

Veteran Indonesian metal band Burgerkill’s complete performance at the recent RockAroma concert is now available for viewing online.

Uploaded onto RockAroma’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (May 31), the complete performance sees the band rip through seven songs, including ‘Roar of Chaos’, ‘Under The Scars’, ‘Shadow of Sorrow’ and more.

Watch Burgerkill’s full performance below.



Prior to their RockAroma performance, Burgerkill most recently performed a virtual concert in early January to usher in “a new beginning” for the band. It marked the first show that the band have played with its new lineup since the death of their guitarist Aries ‘Eben’ Tanto in September last year.

Burgerkill have notably not announced a replacement guitarist to fill in for Eben. In mid-December, Burgerkill shared their first new material without Eben in the form of the track ‘Roar Of Chaos’, featuring new vocalist Ronald Alexander Radja Haba.

The vocalist, who also sings in Carnivored, replaces Burgerkill’s last frontman Vicky Mono, whose departure from the band became public in August.

Burgerkill are next set to perform at the upcoming Wacken Open Air festival, which will take place August 4-6, 2022. The band will be playing at the German festival alongside fellow Indonesian band Voice of Baceprot.


Following Wacken Open Air, Burgerkill will perform at the JogjaROCKarta festival and PestaPora festival in September in Jakarta, Indonesia.