Watch Courtney Barnett, Jon Hamm, Norah Jones and more star in Jeff Tweedy’s ‘Gwendolyn’

The guests feature in a rather unconventional manner

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy has shared a new single, ‘Gwendolyn’, alongside a star-studded music video directed by Jamie Fleischel.

The visual features Tweedy initially singing the song in a surgical mask. When he removes it, the lower halves of various well-known faces materialise and begin to lip-sync the lyrics for him. The guests in the clip include Courtney Barnett, Jon Hamm, Norah Jones, Seth Meyers, Nick Offerman, Jay Som and more.

Try to identify the array of faces in the music video below:


‘Gwendolyn’ is the latest single from Tweedy’s upcoming fourth solo album, ‘Love Is The King’, slated for a digital release on October 13 via dBpm Records. A physical release date is yet to be confirmed.

The track follows a pair of songs, ‘Guess Again’ and the title track, which Tweedy dropped earlier last month.

To tie in with the album, Tweedy will also be releasing his second book, How To Write One Song, on the same date. It will be published by Dutton, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and released on October 13.

According to the listing on PRH’s website, the book explores the process of songwriting and “the importance of making creativity part of your life every day”.


Last month, Tweedy wrote new music for a video to accompany photographer Gregory Crewdson’s new collection, ‘An Eclipse of Moths’. In addition to writing the music, Tweedy also penned a limited-edition book to accompany the project.

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