Watch dhruv’s dreamy music video for breakout single ‘double take’

The SIngapore-raised artist, who debuted with 'double take' in 2019, is set to announce new music this week

The singer-songwriter dhruv has dropped a dreamlike music video for his 2019 debut single ‘double take’.

The video, which arrived on YouTube on Friday (September 17), sees the 22-year-old artist wandering through dreamy locations in London while pensively singing the R&B tune.

Watch the video below.


In a press statement, dhruv said, “I wanted the ‘double take’ visual to showcase how everyday life feels elevated when you’re falling in love, and I think [director] Aboveground did a really good job of capturing that.

“We shot it over a couple of days and drove all around London to find locations that felt in the dreamscape of what we were going for. It was risky shooting my first music video on film, but I feel like it paid off.”

‘double take’, dhruv says, touches on “how dizzying falling in love with a friend can feel”. To date, the breakout single has notched up 250million streams around the world and inspired millions of videos on TikTok. As Billboard notes, TikTokers often used ‘double take’ to soundtrack videos of themselves cropping themselves onscreen. ‘double take’ debuted on the Billboard Global Chart earlier this month.

The success of ‘double take’ is “difficult to compute but amazing”, dhruv said in a statement. The artist who was raised in Singapore, has roots in India and the UK, and relocated to the United States for college, said: “Friends from high school have been sending me videos of the song playing in coffee shops I used to frequent and on different local stations I’d listen to on my way to school. It’s honestly a bit surreal.


“It feels really special to me that the song has resonated in South East Asia, and in Singapore in particular, because that’s where I was raised.”

Last year, dhruv followed ‘double take’ with the tracks ‘moonlight’ and ‘vulnerable’, and has teased new music announcements this week.