Watch an exclusive clip of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ ‘This Much I Know To Be True’ featuring Marianne Faithfull

The film will come to the MUBI streaming service next month after a previous one-night-only run in cinemas

NME have an exclusive new clip of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis‘ film This Much I Know To Be True, featuring Marianne Faithfull – check it out below.

The film came to cinemas for one night only last month, and the new clip arrives alongside the announcement that This Much I Know To Be True will be available to watch on the MUBI streaming service from July 8.

In the new clip, Faithfull reads the poem ‘Prayer Before Work’ by May Sarton before Cave and Ellis play through ‘Ghosteen’ track ‘Galleon Ship’.


Watch the exclusive clip on NME below.

Reviewing This Much I Know To Be True, NME wrote: “At the core of This Much I Know To Be True are sumptuously-shot performances of choice tracks from the Bad Seeds’ ethereal ‘Ghosteen’ and Cave & Ellis’ lockdown revelation record ‘Carnage’, all filmed in breathtaking arthouse style in an abandoned factory in Bristol.”

The film is a documentary meets performance film that centres around the creative relationship between Cave and his Bad Seeds bandmate and longtime collaborator Warren Ellis, and looks at the creation of their most recent albums ‘Ghosteen’ and ‘CARNAGE’.

Andrew Dominik, director of the new film, recently spoke to NME about how the movie depicts how far Nick Cave has come in his journey of processing grief, saying that it presents “what Nick has learned over the past six years that he has to pass on to us”.

“Nick has survived and thrived,” said Dominik. “He’s been determined to take Arthur’s death in the most useful way that he can, and to be there for the other people. The Nick from One More Time With Feeling wouldn’t believe that the Nick from This Much I Know To Be True was possible. In that respect, this film is good for you.”


Dominik’s 2016 documentary One More Time With Feeling, a devastating portrayal of Cave and his wife Susie dealing with the loss of their teenage son Arthur while the Bad Seeds were completing their 16th album ‘Skeleton Tree’, is also set to come to MUBI on August 6.

This Much I Know To Be True will be streaming exclusively around the world (ex. China) on MUBI from July 8.

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