Watch Fariz Jabba perform ‘Nak Tak Nak’ for the first time with an orchestra

The Singapore Youth Malay Orchestra backed the Singaporean rapper at music festival Gala Laga

Over the weekend, Fariz Jabba performed his latest single ‘Nak Tak Nak’ live for the first time since its release, with the support of an orchestra.

The Singaporean rapper was backed by The Singapore Youth Malay Orchestra (also known as OMS Belia) as part of this year’s Gala Laga, the third edition of the local music festival organised by the cultural heritage hub Wisma Geylang Serai.

On November 28, Fariz was one of the last guests to appear on this year’s Gala Laga, which was staged as a virtual livestream on Wisma Geylang Serai’s Facebook page.


To watch Fariz perform ‘Nak Ta Nak’ with lively instrumentation by OMS Belia – in what the rapper called one of the “most genuine performances I have ever been a part of, truly” – check out the video below from the 2:04:58 mark.

Gala Laga 2020

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Posted by Wisma Geylang Serai on Saturday, November 28, 2020

Before the performance, Fariz also sat down with Gala Laga hosts Najip Ali and Fiza O to talk about his music and the origins of ‘Nak Tak Nak’, which the rapper has called one of his more emotional releases.

“My current girlfriend and I were going through a rough patch, and I was going through what I felt was a rough patch with my career as well,” Fariz said. “[With COVID-19 stopping shows], I felt like my career went to almost a full stop and everything felt like it was crashing.

“I picked the first song that I wrote as a rapper and a singer, which is ‘Nak Tak Nak’, and we redesigned it to match the emotion. That became kind of like a, ‘help guys’. I’m connected to my fans, they are my ‘boss’, you know? I feel like they are the ones that made me who I am and everything, and I need all the artists need to understand that we are equal: the audience and the [artists].”

He concluded, “I felt that that was the lowest point of my career so far – I know, I’m very young – and that was my social commentary of my life.” To hear the full chat, go to the 1:58:45 mark in the video above.


Other musicians OMS Belia collaborated with for Gala Laga include singer Aisyah Aziz and guzheng player Faizal Salim, who took on P. Ramlee and Saloma’s 1950s classic ‘Tudung Periuk’ (‘Pot Lid’). The youth orchestra also performed with experimental artist Bani Haykal and electronic musician Deformed. Music and visual art duo NADA also performed during the festival.