Watch Filipino-Australian singer Bryan Estepa’s charming video for ‘Admit Now, Pay Later’

A day in the life of a discarded shopping trolley

Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter Bryan Estepa has unveiled a charming music video for his latest single, ‘Admit Now, Pay Later’.

The Nicholas Banicevic-directed video offers fans a whimsical take on the song’s more sombre tones of hindsight and self-reflection. The video, which was shot in Western Sydney, centers on a shopping trolley, as it’s pushed down flights of stairs, flung around, and even used as a goalpost.

Check out the music video below.


‘Admit Now, Pay Later’, which Estepa released September 18 on Lilystar Records, was produced by ARIA Award-winning producer and songwriter Josh Pyke.

Estepa said of the collaboration via a press release: “I’ve always wanted to work with Josh Pyke, who I’ve known and admired for a long time now. He’s one of my favourite Aussie songwriters and a real inspiration.”

He then explained that he decided to take a step back and let Pyke produce and engineer the track in full confidence: “We have similar influences, being from the same generation, but Josh brings a different sensibility and approach to production and arranging that is not all in my musical vocabulary.”

Pyke returned the praise, highlighting Estepa’s songwriting prowess: “Bryan’s a great writer and collaborator. He’s got a classic pop sensibility but is really open to feedback and experimentation which made my job as producer really fun and free.”


Estepa moved from the Philippines’ Quezon City to Sydney in the late ’80s, where he picked up songwriting, and eventually led indie-pop outfit Swivel in the late ’90s. The opportunity opened doors for Estepa, who began focusing on his solo career.

Since then, Estepa has released six acclaimed solo records, and has toured in Australia, Japan, the United States, the UK, Spain, Sweden, and the Philippines.

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