Watch Filipino singer Dey Rose’s music video for ‘Di Mo Lang Alam’

Taken from her debut EP 'Panting Heart'

Vancouver-based Filipino singer-songwriter Dey Rose just dropped the music video for her single ‘Di Mo Lang Alam’ off her debut EP ‘Panting Heart’.

Directed by Jeff Toledo and produced by Rose herself, the video (released today, October 15) shows the singer performing her jazzy pop song with her band.

Watch the music video below.


‘Di Mo Lang Alam’ is the focus single off Rose’s six-track EP ‘Panting Heart.’ Rose told NME that this was the very first Tagalog song she ever wrote while she toured around the Philippines last summer.

She also explained the story behind the song: “So we have these army bases around the country and one of the biggest one is in Clark Pampanga and it’s sort of a hub for local Filipinas to meet these American soldiers.

“The story is about these Filipinas meeting these American soldiers and they come up with a ‘no strings attached’ sort of deal: that they would just have a good time and be each other’s significant other every time these men are in the country.

“Long story short, these girls fall in love and end up taking back what they said about ‘not giving into it’, but it’s either too late or is just not going to happen because these men have either left the country for good, or they actually have a family, or marriage outside of the Philippines.”

Rose added that she wanted to contrast the heavy story of the lyrics with light and pastel-coloured music video.


‘Panting Heart,’ which blends genres like jazz, pop, folk, and ’70s soul, was released in September under Lilystars Records. Rose hosted a live listening party on YouTube to celebrate the launch.

Rose released her debut single ‘Puzzle Piece’ in January.

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