Watch FLEUR!’s music video for latest single ‘Lagu Lama’

The track was inspired by what lyricist and bassist Yuyi Trirachma perceived as the stagnant state of Indonesian politics

Jakarta-based rock ‘n’ roll trio FLEUR! have dropped a music video for their latest single ‘Lagu Lama’.

‘Lagu Lama’ literally translates as ‘Old Song’, and is named for a term used by Indonesians to express boredom. The video, which comes about three weeks after the release of the track, was made available for streaming on YouTube last Thursday (October 8).

Directed by drummer Tika Pramesti, it captures the costume-coordinated trio of Tanya Ditaputri (guitar), Yuyi Trirachma (bass) and Tika performing the song in an empty room, and later executing some charming dance moves.


Watch the music video below.

In a statement, FLEUR! said the song was inspired by the stagnant state of affairs in Indonesian politics.

Bassist Yuyi, who penned the lyrics to ‘Lagu Lama’, had been listening to the regional elections’ debate, which she felt showed no different from previous ones.

As Tanya explained, “At that time, Yuyi called me and said that she had a new song after watching the electoral debate, which was very boring. ‘Lagu lama!’, Yuyi told me.”

‘Lagu Lama’ is the band’s second single after the March 2020 release of ‘Muka Dua’ (‘Two Face’). It offers a more rock arrangement than ‘Muka Dua’, thanks to Tanya’s fierce guitar melodies.


“We chose this song to be a single because this song can represent the masculine side of FLEUR! the feminine,” Yuyi said.

Both ‘Lagu Lama’ and ‘Muka Dua’ will appear on FLEUR!’s upcoming as-yet-unnamed full-length album. The LP’s release was delayed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In late August, the band also released a cover of ‘Mr. Sandman’ by classic American female ensemble The Chordettes.