Watch Gentle Bones and Benjamin Kheng’s moving sci-fi video for ‘Better With You’

It nods to ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Doctor Who’

Gentle Bones and Benjamin Kheng have dropped a music video for their collaboration ‘Better With You’, which combines a Star Trek-inspired setting with a Doctor Who storyline.

The two Singaporean musicians play dress-up for the clip, with Gentle Bones (aka Joel Tan) portraying a Spock-esque spaceship captain and a therapist. Kheng, on the other hand, is several characters: a Klingon-like character who’s mocked for his appearance; a despairing Vincent Van Gogh (in a nod to an acclaimed Doctor Who episode); and a pop star obviously modelled on Michael Jackson.

A Star Wars-esque intro explains that after his home planet is “destroyed by the dark depression”, “Captain Bones is committed to liberating all intergalactic creatures from their worldly problems.” He gravitates towards Earth after “distress signals ring out from a group therapy session”. See how his trip goes in the video, directed by Jeremy Kieran and Zhang Minhua, below:


‘Better With You’ was the title track of a two-song EP Gentle Bones released in December. The song, both artists told NME, was inspired by their mutual admiration for each other. “It’s really about how much, while going through this journey with music, I’ve always looked up to Ben,” Gentle Bones said.

“Whenever I think about all these struggles I have, it’s like, ‘Oh, Ben must have it a hundred times worse’ and then I feel like, ‘OK, I need to stop being a baby’. This song is about how it’s important to be strong, and when I see someone like Ben do it so well, it kind of just came to me naturally to write something like that.”

Kheng added, “For me, looking at how much I’ve seen Joel grow through the years was a great starting point as well. And more than that, lyrically, it’s just a good old feel-good song for people. It’s just balm for the season.”

Stream ‘Better With You’ and the second track ‘Put My Hands Up’ below:

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