Watch Goodnight Electric’s intimate music video for dreamy single ‘Tamat’

It's the first single from their upcoming fourth album

Indonesian synth pop group Goodnight Electric have dropped a music video for their song ‘Tamat’.

Directed by Dewi Mariam, the music video for the first single taken off their upcoming fourth album, was uploaded on YouTube on Thursday (January 21).

In the nearly six-minute-long video, the camera orbits the members of Goodnight Electric, who solemnly perform the song, standing in a circle in a darkly lit room. True to the dreamy nature of the track, vocalist Priscilla Jamail is also sometimes seen in double.


“It feels like something is lacking if a single is released without a video clip,” the group said in a teaser of the music video posted on Instagram on January 14.

Watch the music video below.

‘Tamat’, which translates as ‘End’, was released on November 21. The band earlier said the track was inspired by despair, disappointment and giving in, as it was produced during the coronavirus pandemic last year.

The single was also a “satirical farewell to the year 2020 that successfully wreaked havoc on the circumstances”, the band said in November.

It is also the band’s first track to be sung fully by Priscilla. The “boarding call” at the start of the song was provided by actress Eva Celia, who recently sang on Indonesian DJ duo Diskoria and songwriting trio Laleilmanino’s collaborative track ‘C.H.R.I.S.Y.E.’.


Goodnight Electric’s forthcoming album will be a follow-up to ‘Misteria’, the third full-length record the band released in early 2020.

The band’s debut album ‘Love and Turbo Action’ was released in 2004, followed by ‘Electroduce Yourself’ in 2007.

Starting out as a three-piece group comprising Bondi Goodboy, Henry Foundation, and Oomleo who all performed on synths and vocals, the band roped in Priscilla Jamail (vocals), Vicent Rompies (bass), Andi Hans (guitar) to fill out the lineup in early 2020.