Watch Hozier surprise a busker performing a cover of ‘Take Me To Church’

"Wow, that was Hozier"

Hozier surprised a busker in Ireland today (October 13) who was performing a cover of ‘Take Me To Church’.

The singer, who was difficult to spot due to him wearing a face mask, dropped some change in the busker’s guitar case while he played the 2014 single. You can view footage below.

After a few seconds the busker stopped playing and said: “Shit hold on, got to take a second because..thank you so much. Have a good one man. Er wow, that was Hozier.”


Hozier last released an album in 2019 with his second LP ‘Wasteland Baby!’.

Speaking about the record at the time, he told NME:  “It’s trying to look at the warm centre of human kindness and you find that in ‘Wasteland, Baby! While there’s other songs on there that have doom and gloom and might touch upon it, Wasteland Baby goes straight for it. It lets us imagine how the worlds might end in a very real sense. But as long as there’s people, that ‘You and I’, there’s always potential for kindness and that is something to be hopeful about.”

He also spoke about his collaboration with Mavis Staples on the track ‘Nina Cried Power’.

“She was a total hero. We crossed paths a few times on the last tour and there was talk of us working together. But when that song came about, it made sense to have her. It was a thank you note to artists who have imbued their work with that sense of protest,” he said.


“It was really important for me to ask Mavis if she’d be part of that song and thankfully she was up for it.”