Watch Indonesian band Vague’s video for new song ‘Di Antara Bising’

It's part of a bigger project, the band tell NME

Indonesian post-hardcore band Vague have released a music video for their new song ‘Di Antara Bising’.

Shot by Adythia Utama, the director of the documentary Bising: Noise & Experimental Music in Indonesia, the music video reflects the song’s message of getting lost in the music and dealing with one’s noisy thoughts.

Guitarist and vocalist Yudhistira Agato told NME in an email that Vague shot the video in August, when Indonesia’s lockdown measures were relaxed.


Watch the video below.

‘Di Antara Bising’ follows the Jakarta band’s music video for ‘Sajak Pucat Pasi’ in February. The song is from ‘Arus’, their split EP with Kuala Lumpur’s Killeur Calculateur.

The song was recorded late last year and mixed at Studio Kandang by Haryo Widi, who also plays bass for Jakarta punk band Tarrkam, and mastered by Pandu Fuzztoni.

Agato added that the song will be part of an upcoming physical and digital release. More details will be released soon.


Vague’s first album ‘Footsteps’ was released in 2014. They have also put out four other EPs, including splits with Bandung band Wreck, Bogor’s The Kuda and Killeur Calculateur.