Watch Indonesian duo Diskoria team up with comedian Kristo Immanuel in a vibrant Netflix musical short

The collaboration celebrates the catalogue of Indonesian cinema available on Netflix

Indonesian DJ duo Diskoria have teamed up with comedian Kristo Immanuel for a vibrant musical short promoting the slate of Indonesian films available on Netflix.

The clip, titled ‘Ayo Berdisko di Kelas Bareng Kristo Immanuel dan Diskoria’ (translated as “Let’s disco in class with Kristo Immanuel and Diskoria”), premiered on Netflix Indonesia’s YouTube channel on Friday (August 27).

As part of the ‘Pensi Netflix’ series of short musical films starring Immanuel, the video takes place in a classroom setting with Diskoria leading as teachers.


It starts off with the duo entering a lively high school classroom, calling upon Immanuel to present his homework on Indonesian films before the comedian kicks off a disco-style musical number.

Watch the video below.

The chirpy tune sees lyrics which namedrop popular Indonesian films such as Keluarga Cemara (Cemara’s Family), Pertualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure), The Night Comes for Us, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta, and more.

The description also contains the list of the local films available to stream for Indonesian Netflix viewers.

The collaboration was made in conjunction with Indonesia’s “Merdeka” (Independence) day, which celebrated its 67th anniversary on August 17.


Diskoria had announced the release with a teaser of the music video in an Instagram post on Friday (August 27), shortly after it went live on the YouTube channel.

“This time, we had an interesting experience in collaborating with @kristo.immanuel on a music video to introduce various Indonesian films on Netflix, while dancing,” the duo said in a caption.


The latest video also comes after the duo collaborated with rock group FLEUR! and actress Tara Basro’s in the single ‘Suara Disko’.

In January, Diskoria teamed up with songwriting trio Laleilmanino in the collaborative track ‘C.H.R.I.S.Y.E.’, which featured actress and singer Eva Celia, paying tribute to the veteran artist namesake of the track’s title.

Meanwhile, Immanuel shot into fame in Indonesia early last year after a video of him impersonating the voice of president Joko Widodo went viral.