Watch JuanThugs N Harmony perform ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ on the Wish Bus

It’s gotten over a million views in under three days

Filipino rap duo JuanThugs N Harmony recently performed a rendition of their group 187 Mobstaz’s hit ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ on the Wish Bus.

The pair’s performance, uploaded on Wish 107.5’s YouTube channel on July 30, has raked over a million views in less than three days since it premiered. At time of writing, it’s currently trending at #6 on YouTube.

Watch JuanThugs N Harmony’s version of ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ here:


‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ is an original track from the Filipino-Canadian rap group 187 Mobstaz’ record called ‘Soulful Melodies Vol. 5’, released in the early 2010s. The track speaks of a “love arriving at the wrong time,” according to the live performance’s description.

Prior to this recent appearance on the Wish Bus, the duo dropped the track ‘Pasalamat Ka Mahal Kita’ last June. In May, they collaborated with fellow artist Colli Tugista to release the song ‘Maging Sino Ka Man’.

Last year, JuanThugs N Harmony participated in John Paul Ege aka JEBeats’ mixtape called ‘Big Dreams Mixtape, Vol 2’. They performed the track ‘Di Ka Naman Dating Ganyan’ with other collaborators Spyker One and Kawayan.

JuanThugs N Harmony – comprising Inozent One and Blingzy One – launched their music careers as members of the hip-hop collective 187 Mobstaz. They joined forces as a duo in 2008.