Watch Keiko Necesario and BGYO cover each other’s songs

On Coke Studio, the Filipino acts turn in unique renditions of 'The Light' and 'While We Are Young', respectively

Filipino singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario and rising Filipino boyband BGYO recently performed covers of the other’s songs on Coke Studio.

In the latest episode of the YouTube series Coke Studio Itodo Mo Beat Mo, Necesario delivered an acoustic rendition of BGYO’s upbeat track, ‘The Light’.

First released in January, ‘The Light’ is the group’s missive of hope and self-love, as detailed in its lyrics: “I’m just tryna make it all better / I wanna make this world a safer place / First I gotta make sure I work hard enough / So I can be the change.”


In the video, Necesario expressed her excitement at covering a group that she admired and said she made sure to “really be myself” while performing. “When I first heard BGYO’s song, I thought that this is what we needed. We all know that the pandemic isn’t our only problem, but we can do something to share our light,” she added.

Watch her performance of ‘The Light’ below.


BGYO also performed a cover of Necesario’s 2017 song ‘While We Are Young’ on the May 17 episode of ‘Coke Studio Itodo Mo Beat Mo’. They turned in a funky rendition of the pop-folk track. Watch it below.


BGYO made their official debut in January. Comprising of Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate, the group featured as part of ABS-CBN‘s Star Hunt Academy (SHA) program in 2018. They hosted their first online performance as SHA trainees a year later at the PBB Otso Big Night pre-show.

Earlier this month, the group released their latest single ‘He’s Into Her’ for the ABS-CBN rom-com series of the same name.

Meanwhile, Necesario released her sophomore album ‘Ready, Let Go’ in September last year. The record was a follow-up to her self-produced ‘Through It All’ and ‘Escape’ EP.